What Top Performers know about careers that you don’t:

How the Top 5% of professionals drive success at work.
(stop being a career employee and enjoy the rewards of being a career boss)

March 10 - 10:30 AM








You’re going to discover…

  • The 4-step business model that’s turning our clients from total unknowns into 6 and 7-figure earners’ while staying true to their mission and making an amazing impact on the world…

  • A simple structure that will allow you to serve your clients in just a few hours per week, working remotely from anywhere in the world – your bedroom, office, or on a beach…

  • Why blogging, podcasting, and content marketing are the SLOWEST, most tedious way of getting clients…and the simple 4-step process our clients use to make high-ticket sales every day…

  • How to take a prospect from ‘click to client’ in less than 24-48 hours, even if you’re charging $5,000 or more…

  • AND how to do all of this by making the world a better place than it is now!

Presented by Jeff Adcock