There are two key things I want to talk about as we are getting started. If you ignore these two keys you are guaranteed to fail in any negotiation at work.







Welcome to Career Boost

and your free course on negotiating. My name is Jeff Adcock and I am excited to get to work with you over the next 4 weeks to help you get exactly what you want out of your job and career.

One concept I talk about in the CareerBoost Master Class is the goal should never be to get knowledge, because knowledge in and of itself is useless, you need to apply that knowledge to turn it in to something of worth.

We apply that principle through out this course so be ready to put in some work and if you do I guarantee you will start seeing results.

There are two key things I want to talk about as we are getting started. If you ignore these two keys you are guaranteed to fail in any negotiation at work.

I love the quote Championships are won in the off-season. We all know that to be true in sports and it is true in business and negotiations!

Winners don’t just show up and beat everyone in sports or business, they put in the time preparing for that success and then come game time they execute on that practice.

This means for you to get amazing results in negotiating, you need to put in some work before hand to set yourself up for success.

So my two keys to negotiating big returns are:

First – You must pre-negotiate to win.

Negotiations are won or lost well before you get in the meeting. That’s right the verdict has already been handed down before you even walk in to meet with your employer.

So if you are someone that walks in to your employee review expecting to negotiate a big raise, promotion or other return, you have already lost. We will step you through how to win by pre-negotiating.

Second – You must aim at returns you truly want.

I have been doing this a long time and something I have noticed in most professionals, but especially Young professionals ask for the wrong returns at work!

Let’s do a quick survey: when I ask you what do you want most from work what is the first thing that pops in to your head? I want you to write it down, because I am going to make a bet with you. I will bet you that what you think you want and what you actually want are not the same thing.

Over 95% of the people that take this bet lose. So the next lesson I have prepared a workbook for you to actually get a definitive answer to what you really want from work and your career.

And think about that for a second, if you are aiming at the wrong returns you will NEVER be satisfied at work, because you will always be getting returns that you don’t really value.

A few house keeping points for this course.

The course schedule and online is below, you can expect lessons to come online on that schedule and this is by design so you take the time to apply the knowledge.

Do the exercises and post the results online for feedback from the team and your peers.

We want to hear from you, our success is only through your success and that is why we do this, so let us know how you are doing and what we can do to help you get the most out of this course.

With that I will say congratulations for taking first step is boosting your career. I am excited to work with you and get to know you online!



Over 95% of people work for the wrong compensations. This lesson will help you identify the returns you really want from your job so you can negotiate for the returns that matter.


When negotiating, you need to know what things are nice to haves but you’d possibly work without and what you must have or you’ll walk away from the job. You'll identify those in this lesson.


Remove risk (without going behind your boss' back) from your negotiations with offers elsewhere that will give you your must-haves. If your employers can't deliver, you're still set up to get those returns.


One of the most common rookie negotiating mistakes: asking for too much. When you know what you really want and focus on just one or two things, you'll exponentially increase your odds succeeding.


The first and most crucial part of negotiating is learning how to pre-negotiate. It lays the foundation for you to receive the biggest returns from work which is what you'll learn in this lesson.


Successful negotiations happen when you prove you can take the initiative. Do this in your work every day and in your reviews. Employers will reward you and even help you. Stand out. Drive your reviews.


You were hired to do a specific job. Before trying to go the extra mile - do what you were hired to do. This lesson will help you deliver on your KPI's and how to go the extra mile when the time is right.


Before your employer can give you what you want/deserve, you need to deliver on the KPI's you were hired to do. Give before you get.  Learn to avoid mistakes to ensure you’re properly recognized..


Like chess, each of these lessons is like a chess piece that provides you the ability to put a strategy together. Now that you have learned how the pieces move, you're ready to put a strategy in place.