A lot of people can talk a big game. Far fewer can deliver.






The only way to get what you want at work and most of life is delivering something first. Put simply you have to Give to Get. This is the foundation to negotiating the best returns from your employer. And this approach will always yield the biggest and best returns on a consistent basis.

Trust is foundational to good negotiations and there are two keys elements to it: 

Do you mean what you say?

Can you deliver on what you say?

The first is what most of us think of when thinking of trusting someone. Basically are they telling the truth, do they really intend to do what they say.

The second is more subtle, but just as important. Can you do what you say you can or is: your mouth is writing checks your body can’t cash?

A lot of people can talk a big game. Far fewer can deliver. You need to prove you can deliver before negotiating because it allows you to reach much higher agreements because your employer has some trust that you can deliver.

It is crazy the correlation between big talk and under delivering. The natural reaction as an employer is the bigger the game someone talks the lower the odds I am going to trust and believe them. That changes in a second once you deliver.

So start with something that is a stretch goal but you know you can hit. Get your employer to agree with a reward and then go hit, or better, beat the goal. This takes time, but as you build more trust you can credibly ask for more returns.

Trust takes time, but this is how you build it quickly. Pre-negotiate on you delivering results and go hit or exceed it, then do it again. This is like a credit score the more you deliver the higher your score will rise, talk is cheap delivering is gold. The higher your credit score goes the more you can borrow and the better the rates and trust with your employer builds the same way.

Keep ratcheting up your stretch goals and over time you will be able to negotiate amazing returns.

I have negotiated selling my house and a move away from HQ because I wanted to be by the beach. Can you imagine negotiating that? I want you to sell my home and move me 700 miles from the company head quarters. Why did my employer agree? I had over delivered for years and he knew that if I was on his team I would deliver and I did in a huge way. We agreed to the deal and I hit the stretch goals and they moved me back to the beach and let me commute to work for over 5 years, because I continued to deliver huge value to the company.

Nothing worth while comes quick, so start building trust today and watch your ability to pre-negotiate big things grow over time as you get a track record. Like a good credit score the higher trust goes the more you can negotiate.


Over 95% of people work for the wrong compensations. This lesson will help you identify the returns you really want from your job so you can negotiate for the returns that matter.


When negotiating, you need to know what things are nice to haves but you’d possibly work without and what you must have or you’ll walk away from the job. You'll identify those in this lesson.


Remove risk (without going behind your boss' back) from your negotiations with offers elsewhere that will give you your must-haves. If your employers can't deliver, you're still set up to get those returns.


One of the most common rookie negotiating mistakes: asking for too much. When you know what you really want and focus on just one or two things, you'll exponentially increase your odds succeeding.


The first and most crucial part of negotiating is learning how to pre-negotiate. It lays the foundation for you to receive the biggest returns from work which is what you'll learn in this lesson.


Successful negotiations happen when you prove you can take the initiative. Do this in your work every day and in your reviews. Employers will reward you and even help you. Stand out. Drive your reviews.


You were hired to do a specific job. Before trying to go the extra mile - do what you were hired to do. This lesson will help you deliver on your KPI's and how to go the extra mile when the time is right.


Before your employer can give you what you want/deserve, you need to deliver on the KPI's you were hired to do. Give before you get.  Learn to avoid mistakes to ensure you’re properly recognized..


Like chess, each of these lessons is like a chess piece that provides you the ability to put a strategy together. Now that you have learned how the pieces move, you're ready to put a strategy in place.

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