Over 95% of people work for the wrong compensations. This lesson will help you identify the returns you really want from your job so you can negotiate for the returns that matter.








Now that you have run through the lessons, identified what you you want to negotiate for, it’s time to pull all the lessons together an make a plan that you can discuss with your employer so they get onboard with your plan. 

This plan will server as the foundation for you pre-negotiations, show your employer you’re taking the initiative, and provide an outline to follow in your day-to-day, as well as your reviews.

This week we are starting your last lesson, and one that will require some serious planning and possibly require you run through some of the previous lessons again.

Like chess, each of these lessons is a piece that provides you the ability to put a strategy together. Now that you have learned how the pieces move, you’re ready to start putting a strategy in place. This lesson will help you pull all these parts together to come fully prepared to negotiate the returns that matter to you.

Be focused. This is another major rookie mistake. Don’t come in and ask for a lot of things. Have your must haves or top nice to haves ready and stand your ground.

Employers aren’t used to this. So again, you’ll stand out and stand a better chance of getting what you want by being certain. They’ll counter with what they’re used to negotiating. So don’t be distracted or tempted by what they suggest. You’ve run through the Returns & Rewards Workbook. You’ve prioritized your desired ROI. You’ve drawn the line and put the MUST HAVES at the top of that unwavering list. Stick to your guns.

If you ask for too many things then you will seem unfocused, greedy, and you run the risk of your employer delivering on #2, #3 and #4 and thinking: Well I gave him 3 out of 4 he should be happy, when #1 was your only must have.

There is great power in asking for just one thing.

This reminds me of a year my little brother asked for only one thing for Christmas. Think about that for a second, he was around 4 years old and his Christmas list was just one thing. What did he ask for? A Turtle Garbage Can! What in the heck is a turtle garbage can you might ask, well to this day I don’t know and I can tell you that is exactly what my poor mom and dad were thinking all Christmas season long. 

We spent weeks looking for where he could have got the idea and how to fulfill that single request. If he had asked for a turtle garbage can, some hot wheels, a bike, heck even a pony, do you think he would have gotten all those other things? For sure! But in his infinite four year old wisdom he put the success and failure of this holiday on one single thing. 

So did he get it? Of course he did. 

After weeks and weeks of searching every possible store, they finally figured out if they don’t sell it then they would need to build it. So they found a garbage can, a big turtle stuffed animal and sticker letters and built the only turtle garbage can ever in existence.

Even if your number one must have or nice to have is rather odd or hard for your employer to deliver, stick to it. Your employer may have to pull some strings and orchestrate some magic, but while they are doing that, you’re driven to deliver and over deliver so you can actually earn the thing they are working so hard to provide for you.

Because you’ve shown that you are capable of meeting those goals, of going the first mile and then the extra mile, they’ll work as hard as you to give you what you want, if you truly stand your ground.

Learn from my four year old brother, if you really want something badly only give your employer a single choice on your rewards. And if you’re not gonna take it from my kid brother, at least take it from Ralphie in A Christmas Story. Same deal: a kid wanted ONE thing and that’s exactly what he got. 



Over 95% of people work for the wrong compensations. This lesson will help you identify the returns you really want from your job so you can negotiate for the returns that matter.


When negotiating, you need to know what things are nice to haves but you’d possibly work without and what you must have or you’ll walk away from the job. You'll identify those in this lesson.


Remove risk (without going behind your boss' back) from your negotiations with offers elsewhere that will give you your must-haves. If your employers can't deliver, you're still set up to get those returns.


One of the most common rookie negotiating mistakes: asking for too much. When you know what you really want and focus on just one or two things, you'll exponentially increase your odds succeeding.


The first and most crucial part of negotiating is learning how to pre-negotiate. It lays the foundation for you to receive the biggest returns from work which is what you'll learn in this lesson.


Successful negotiations happen when you prove you can take the initiative. Do this in your work every day and in your reviews. Employers will reward you and even help you. Stand out. Drive your reviews.


You were hired to do a specific job. Before trying to go the extra mile - do what you were hired to do. This lesson will help you deliver on your KPI's and how to go the extra mile when the time is right.


Before your employer can give you what you want/deserve, you need to deliver on the KPI's you were hired to do. Give before you get.  Learn to avoid mistakes to ensure you’re properly recognized..


Like chess, each of these lessons is like a chess piece that provides you the ability to put a strategy together. Now that you have learned how the pieces move, you're ready to put a strategy in place.

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